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Senthil Rajendren

Chief Product Officer at MagicSigma, Entrepreneur, Domain Investor.

Full-stack Developer:

Having around 15 years of technical experience, I create highly usable, simple-yet-beautiful web applications such as DownStatus, MrTelco, ThemeInfo, BrandFlip etc. Also I do branding consultation to help people to find better brand names for their new ventures.


I was working as a full-time freelance developer till 2017. Later, I decided to work on my own projects and to focus on creating passive income. Currently, I own a couple of small online portals & brainstorming a new SAAS product idea.

Domain Investor:

Domain name investing is my part-time work (as well as my hobby). I regularly invest in good domain names, either to sell or develop. I once had around 5000 domain names in my portfolio. But now I'm focusing more on quality than quantity. My current portfolio size is around 850. You can find most of my domains listed at BrandFlip.

Work & Life:

  • I spend most of my time at work in my home-office (Chennai, India).
  • I love reading non-fiction, tech, and human-centric books. Even though I'm a fan of printed books, I recently¬†bought¬†a Kindle Paperwhite to save some money and a few trees.
  • Often I binge-watch business/sports movies & series at nights.
  • Once every few months, I solo-travel to new places. I like long journeys and quiet me-times.


Last updated in July 2022.